Making Place 

Interactive Exhibit Sourced on Social Media
July 21 - September 4, 2016

“Home, in the end, is of course not just the place where you sleep. It’s the place where you stand.” — Pico Iyer

To make a place home, we engage with our environment through the rhythms of everyday life in a physical, social, and even spiritual sense. We select furniture and colors and decor that create comfort and convey a sense of who we are. We grow plants, raise pets, hang artwork and personal photos. Extending beyond the walls of our physical residence, we seek home in the neighborhoods we dwell as well: there’s our favorite coffee place; the bodega where we make our midnight milk runs; the restaurant where we had a special date; the water fountain at the park where we stood and made an important life decision. The familiarity of the streets, the memories grooved by the patterns of our daily life, the faces that start as strangers and turn into neighbors and even friends...all of this comes together to make places meaningful and special to us.  To make a place for ourselves is both  a physical and an emotional act.

Making Place is an interactive art exhibit of collective memories and places of meaning on the Upper West Side. The exhibit seeks to draw communities together by creating a larger community around the shared human experiences of Joy, Love, Change, Beauty and Loss within the physical space of our UWS neighborhood.

Please visit our interactive Making Place map to see more or to take a self guided walking tour of images. 


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