About Redeemer West Side

W83 Ministry Center is the home of Redeemer West Side, a Christian congregation that seeks to be a church “not just for ourselves.” We believe that God’s grace restores people and communities for the good of the city.

Our community is for people who are seeking a place to voice doubts, affirm beliefs, and find hope in the midst of hardships and suffering. It is a place for those who desire friendship and community, and are eager to serve our fellow New Yorkers. We’re a community for Christians, for skeptics, for the curious, for New York.

Redeemer West Side and W83

Founded by Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 2012, W83 is home for Redeemer West Side and our Sunday services, and a place where our Christian community welcomes and serves our neighbors. From Mondays to Saturdays, W83 functions as a community space and cultural center for the community at large. Through public and private event rentals, W83 Ministry Center provides a welcoming and affordable venue for the cultivation of community and cultural activities.

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Want to learn more? Visit westside.redeemer.com