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From Exclusion to Belonging: A Workshop on Disability with HFNY

Of the 8.5 million people in New York City, it’s estimated that nearly 900,000 people live with disabilities. Many people with disabilities face profound social exclusion—they are moved involuntarily and separated from others, excluded from commonplace socializing, denied personal agency over their lives, or even exposed to abuse and neglect.

Discover some of the root causes of this social exclusion and, by doing so, begin to see the profundity of doing ordinary things with extraordinary love. In this workshop we'll discuss how we can move from excluding people with disabilities to cultivating communities of welcome, belonging, and growth through hospitality and genuine relationships. 

Join Hope for New York (HFNY) for teachings, stories, and discussions from: 

Andrew Oliver, Do For One founder & director
John Wagner, Young Life - New York City senior vice president & author of "Perfect"
Stories from HFNY Affiliates
Personal reflection and Q&A