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Nov 28: Harper's Magazine Presents: John Cleese and Iain McGilchrist

What do a comic genius and an internationally renowned psychiatrist have in common? Quite a bit, it turns out. So much, in fact, that Harper’s Magazine and Book Culture on Columbus will present John Cleese and Iain McGilchrist in conversation for two back-to-back evenings this fall in New York City.

On Tuesday, November 27th, John Cleese will be the focus of the discussion and Iain McGilchrist will act as interlocutor, the following evening McGilchrist will take the hot seat and be interviewed by John Cleese. These complementary events are intended to provide ample opportunity for Cleese and McGilchrist to explore the commonalities in their work as well as their unique and exceptional paths. Tickets are $60 for one evening, $90 for both and include a copy of the headlining author’s book and a year subscription to Harper’s Magazine.

John Cleese’s latest book, Professor at Large features the beloved English comedian and actor in his lesser-known role at Cornell University where he has contributed talks, essays, and lectures for close to twenty years. This collection of the very best moments from Cleese under his mortarboard provides a unique view of his endless pursuit of intellectual discovery across a range of topics.

Iain McGilchrist is a psychiatrist and writer committed to the idea that the mind and brain can be understood only by seeing them in the broadest possible context, that of the whole of our physical and spiritual existence, and of the wider human culture in which they arise – the culture which helps to mold, and in turn is molded by, our minds and brains. He is author of The Master and His Emissary, among other works.

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