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Reimagine End of Life: Death by Design Podcast Recording with Panel and Live Audience

This event is part of Reimagine End of Life, a week of exploring big questions about life and death with multiple events happening in venues across New York City.

For the first time, Death by Design podcast host Kimberly C. Paul will record the podcast with a panel of experts, creatives, and caregivers in front of a LIVE audience. Through this panel of experienced professional and artists, the audience will be able to ask questions and have open conversations about how each of us can reimagine end of life and live well until our last days.

Kimberly C. Paul wants to radically change the way people face end of life, and she’s using her extensive experience as a storyteller to do just that.  From the set of Saturday Night Live in New York City, to casting for CBS daytime, Kimberly has spent the last 17 years telling a very different kind of story.  As Vice President of Outreach and Communications for Lower Cape Fear Hospice, she used a myriad of award-winning marketing strategies to share real stories about death and dying and the keys to making every moment matter.