Wish for Wholeness

Beth Barron
April 12-June29, 2017

We are subject to inevitable pain in life, both physical and emotional. It is often the intangible wounds that cut us to the core: words spoken in haste, disappointments and defeats, and love not reciprocated can all feed into pain that runs deep and runs long. As the familiar adage reminds us, “Time heals all wounds,” but the healing process does not diminish the reality of those hurts and even the anguish that frequently accompanies the healing. Through challenging trials and the slow progression of recovery, however, we can learn, flourish and find that while pain is an inescapable reality of human existence, so is resilience. As the Church celebrates the season of Easter, the remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection also encourages us to consider our wounds in light of his, and the sacrificial love and ultimate healing that his pierced and resurrected body presents.

In “Wish for Wholeness” Beth Barron collects discarded bandages and other personal remnants to create a visual metaphor of the wounded yet resilient human spirit. The labor-intensive technique of hand-stitching that Barron practices becomes a spiritual exercise for the artist that allows time for personal reflection, contemplation, and eventual renewal. Barron’s finished works, a physical transformation from scraps into a whole, challenge us to consider our own suffering, brokenness and desire for healing.

Please visit www.bethbarronart.com for more information on the artist.

Curated by Christina Young


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