Ben Weathers

November 14, 2017 through January 8, 2018

In his series “Turning,” Ben Weathers depicts the changes of a banana’s peel in a series of twenty-eight paintings. In his search for poetic beauty in his surroundings, he committed himself to observing the same section of a banana for twenty-eight days, documenting the peel’s changing hues and patterns. Each painting, made of successive layers of thick acrylic paint, mimics the peel of the banana and invites us to question and contemplate our relationship with ordinary objects.

As Weathers observed the ripening banana, he thought it was funny and strange how bananas sort of have a life of their own - and it’s actually a complicated life. As Weathers painted he began peeling back the cultural, historical, and even slap-stick layers of a banana. His attentiveness and insights reflected in “Turning” welcome us to see profundity in the ordinary. The life of the banana documented reminds us of our own trajectory, the physical finiteness we share with all living things.