"HOME: Seen. Unseen."

Christopher Voss
November 1-December 12, 2017

We carry with us multi-faceted definitions of Home: there may be joy that we long for, hurt that needs healing, comfort that we crave, or conflicts we want to escape. During the holiday season, Home is particularly poignant for many who travel to see loved ones and perhaps navigate complicated journeys to their own pasts. For the Church, Advent is a time to meditate upon and celebrate the occasion of Christ leaving his heavenly home to dwell among us, in a world we know to be harsh as much as it can beautiful. Home, as we experience it, is imperfect. 

In this series "Home: Seen. Unseen.", Christopher Voss explores the perceptions and realities of how we define and experience home and belonging. He layers and pieces together fragmented images of domestic familiarity on canvas as a reflection of the internal tensions that may exist, addressing physical, psychological and spiritual aspects in relation to the contemporary home. With what he chooses to reveal or hide, Voss modifies our awareness of space and draws us into a patchwork narrative that is at once dreamlike and strange. The abstractness of his work prompts us to consider the patching of our own memories and experiences: What is true? What is real? What is fabricated? How do we choose what to remember and what to forget, and what are the narratives that stay with us and the narratives we recall through an altered lens?

Please visit www.vossartstudio.net for more information on the artist.


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